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  • Funware _playing with software art
    November 12, 2010 until January 16, 2011 at MU http://www.mu.nl

    Making and using software can be experimental, humorous and aesthetically rich.

    The international exhibition Funware deals with this Fun-factor in softwaredevelopment, and the many ways in which artists have run off with it in past and present. For this seventeen very diverse and mostly interactive projects, in which playing with software is the starting point, are being brought together in MU.

    Funware proves that the world is partly run by freaks, and that even the most formal and logical domaines of human activity are drenched with humor and experimental fun. Software is one of the realms in which these kinds op practices of geeks and professionals, codeurs and artists meet. Funware offers us a playfull way to re-address software, as an invisible universal culture, in its aesthetics, history, and power.