• Aristarkh Chernyshev
  • Personal information Organism. PiO ver 1.0 2019
  • Personal information Organism. PiO ver 1.0 2019

    Without noticing this, a person lives in symbiosis with many microorganisms that make up the flora of his intestines and skin. These microorganisms help him digest food and protect the skin. In the post-Anthropocene era, when the Internet of things, the Internet of animals, the Internet of non-human entities and agents already exist, the time has come to bring the symbiosis of man and other organisms, including those created by man himself, to a new level. Such an organism is PiO (personal informational organism). PiO is a hybrid of a genetically modified leech and a smartphone that lives on a person’s body, feeds on his blood, and in return provides informational inclusion and reverent concern for the health of the donor owner. Pio has the ability to continuously monitor the human body, the data is being accumulated in the cloud service and, based on their analysis, Pio can produce various substances and enter them directly into the blood. The project is planned to be presented in the format of a concept store promoting promising technologies and services.
    PiO v1.0 PiO - Your personal informational organism PiO - Your inseparable friend and adviser PiO - Your personal trainer PiO - Your personal doctor PiO - Your guardian angel

    A team of dozens of bioengineers, neuroprogrammers, biochemists, pharmacists, immunologists, biochip and cutting-edge software developers worked in laboratories to provide all your needs for information, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, security, and even something that you yourself don’t know yet.

    Forget about the constant search for a charger, you no longer need wires! This new, unusual device is a hybrid of a leech and a smartphone; it feeds on the blood of the owner, thereby maintaining its working capability: simultaneously collects medical data (e.g., heart rate, blood pressure, blood test); if necessary, it can synthesize various substances, such as insulin, and introduce them into the blood of the owner.

    All the data collected is integrated into a single cloud-based data system about your health. It includes data obtained in other institutions, private clinics, dentists' offices and other specialists. The data is analyzed by the latest self-learning software based on artificial intelligence. The result of this analysis is a regular Update, which is sent to PiO, and it, in turn, produces the necessary substances in its body and injects them into your bloodstream.

    Thus, your body is under constant unobtrusive observation and gentle care.