• Aristarkh Chernyshev
  • edium Knode. 2013
  • edium Knode Info-sculpture by Aristarkh Chernyshev. 2013

    The title is composed of two words a node (as a point in an informational or electronic network) and a knot, and thus denotes a sort of tangle, muddle, an informational network glitch, a certain defective point, a hernia due to the overstrain, congestion and complexity of this network, which brings the passing through it information to fantastic turbulence and deprives it of meaning. Knode is a parasitic fungus, a graffiti tag which carries nothing but informational mark of its hosts territory.
    All in all, using the language of graffiti, the Knode is my tag in the informational flow, which simultaneously puts it into a stiff shape, turns the constantly changing flow into a static info-sculpture and thus materializes data arrays on the informational agencies servers.